The Boston Data Lab’s mission is to create interactive data visualizations where viewers can engage and interact with different data sources from and about Boston. Our first experience explores one of our favorite things: food. More specifically, we’re crunching the numbers on Boston’s most famous restaurants to separate the tourist traps (aka all-stars) from the hidden gems.

We wanted to find a way to separate Boston’s best-kept secrets from city’s tourist meccas through publicly accessible data. We also wanted to display those findings in a compelling, visually interesting way.

Enter the All Stars vs. Hidden Gems Map. Like most restaurant recommendation experiences, our interactive map lets users explore by neighborhood. Ours, however, also lets you view by All Stars or Hidden Gems’the places the locals love, and those that draw out-of-towner crowds.

Using Twitter and Instagram’s APIs, AMP was able to pull tweets and photos from a restaurant’s location and label them as ‘local’? or ‘out-of-town’? based upon their profile location. Lots of locals means it’s a Hidden Gem. Lots of tourists make it an All Star. Check it out here.